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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key tool for the website owners to get more traffic to the website. Optimization of a website is crucial to get traffic and maintain the level over the search engine. The main aim of the search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites. With regular update of content on website, SEO helps to get more traffic.

Organic and Ethical Practices

The ultimate goal for the website owner and SEO is to get the traffic and appears in first five pages of the search engine and maintain the positing online and also to get the repetitive users on their website.

SEO and Beyond

iWeb Consultants team analyzed these facts about the SEO, we hired one of the best eCommerce team of the area, because by using SEO technique professionally not only iWeb Consultants will grow but also our customer will grow in business. We believe that every business and service websites need SEO to keep their position in the Google or other search engine. It is SEO's responsibilities to keep website as front runner in search engines.

Your growth journey starts here ...

We bring in traffic that matters and converts to buy and enggage. 

Web Design Process

The initial meeting is where we capture the story, preferences, Dos and Donts and above all client preferences.

Approx 1-2 hr session

Initial assessment is completed to ensure we benchmark the current state and develop an implementation plan.

Understanding the Market and Picking the right keywords is the essence of all successful SEO campaigns. We do our due diligence in ensuring that the focus of the campaigns is right and converts into results.

Setting up the systems to execute the strategy in the right perspective is equally important. We ensure we setup all the tools to reflect the results and efforts in one perspective.

Measuring results to the benchmark is very important, we ensure we keep pushing the effort in the right direction keeping the pace so we achieve results as planned.

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Both SEO and PPC have their own advantages and disadvantages. In short, SEO comes in long term strategy and PPC will give you results in short term.

There are many factors that effect SEO, the most important ones are, Authority and Relevance

Backlins are other websites refering to your website, giving you authority. No you cannot buy backlinks, it has to be a natural process of suthority building. 

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